Are you and employees fully insured.

Yes we have 5 million pound cover and all my staff are insured independently. 

How many year’s have you been Roofing.

Over 20 years actually started at 14 year’s old.

Do you guarantee repair work.

No we do not guarantee repair work’s as we don’t consider this a proper fix and repair work can easily fail again.  We believe in getting the job done first time correctly to then offer a guarantee. 

Do you do guttering and facia.

Yes we cover all aspects of roofing. 

Which method of painting to you use.

We use the traditional method of rolling and brush but also offer a paint spray service every job is different and this will determine which method we actually use.

Do you offer a payment service.

We can but don’t particularly like to as we don’t like to chase people for money we are not a loan company. 

Can we see any references.
We don’t make a habit of disturbing old customers and people can feel put out.But there are 100s of 5 star reviews on line and pictures of our work. We also show pictures with my men in them working so this is our actual work.