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Fibre Glass Flat Roofs (GRP)

A Fibre Glass Flat Roof is the favourite of thousands of people because it offers many benefits. It’s a fantastic alternative to flat roofs, and it also offers durability, flexibility, and low cost.

GRP means Glass Reinforced Polyester, and it’s a material made of strengthened plastic that has glass fibres in it.

Since it is such a strong material, GRP is not only used for roofs but also other structures. However, in the case of roofing services, it is often used because it’s trustworthy, reliable, and a good asset for waterproofing and covering roofs.

If you decide to get GRP, you can have a great service and an incredible result. Besides, you can pick between getting a new roof or repairing an old one, which could be much cheaper.

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Torch-On Felt Flat Roofs

Torch on Felt Flat Roofs are one of the most delicate professional services. It consists of covering the roof with three layers of modified bitumen and then using a blowtorch to seal the material and make it waterproof and durable.

Considering that the previously mentioned service includes a delicate installation process, it’s one of the most reliable roofing methods out there. Thousands of clients choose it each day because they know it includes lots of benefits.

The best thing about Torch on Felt Flat Roofs is that it keeps the structure’s insides cool during the summer. Since the outside breaks up sunlight, the heat can’t get in. Likewise, it’s very resistant to rain, strong winds, and UV rays.

However, if you want to get good results with a Torch on Felt Flat Roof, you need to hire top professionals to do the job.

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