Bracknell roof repair services

Roofing Repair Services Bracknell

Roof Repair Services Bracknell

In most cases, the life span of your roof can be prolonged with either a few slate repairs, replacing a leaking gutter or even leadwork to a chimney. If you have a flat house roof, there are services in Bracknell that can help you with that.

Flat Roof Repairs Bracknell

There are always issues with pure flat roofs, and it involves water building up in the middle of the ceiling that begins to erode or sneak under the top layers, causing leaks in your home or damages to its structure.

Melting or sitting snow does a strange thing to roofing over the years. Sometimes you find a roof that leaks randomly after the snowfall, but not during the days when it rains. That is due to years of water ingress through the flat roof system. The owner only notices it once it reaches saturation point and starts leaking inside.

When you catch this problem early enough, you can save yourself hundreds of pounds, but the problem is that it is difficult to notice on your own. A professional roofing repair company in Bracknell can help you with this situation.

Leadwork Repairs in Bracknell

The bridge between brickwork and roofing is leadwork. Let’s say, for example, parapet walls and chimneys. If there were no leadwork between these areas, it would not be watertight. As you might expect, age does take its toll on lead products due to the capillary action when strain is put on a lead.

Another issue that could arise is that your roof spars drop to a settling point over time due to weight. In this case, the brickwork never moves, but the chimney brickwork could be exposed slightly.

That allows water to ingress into the attic space and eventually leak through into your household. You can prevent this by calling a reliable roofing specialist in Bracknell who can aid you in repairs of this kind.

Generally, the area around a chimney where water can enter is filled with lead and maintained over the years.

Gutter Repairs In Bracknell

Gutter maintenance is often overlooked, although it is an essential part of any home. A leaking gutter can cause damage to external walls and even cause dampness.

That, in turn, can make plaster lift and mess with the structural integrity of your wall. Something as insignificant as a gutter can cause all this damage, so it is worth your time to investigate any problems you may have.

A gutter maintenance specialist in Bracknell can help you with any problems you have. Whether replacing an old rusted set of gutters with a newer UPVC model or cleaning out a blockage, they are there to assist you.


If you live in Bracknell and struggle with any roofing or gutter problems, it’s best to call a professional. They can help you maintain these crucial areas of your home while keeping the integrity of the structure.

By taking care of these problems sooner, you prevent further damage to your property and increase its value.