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There are times when you can quickly fix your leaking gutter or even do some lousy leadwork on your chimney, but unless you’re a roofing professional, forget about it. There are many superb roofing services you can find in Windsor at any time of the year. All you need to do is reach out to our company and get rid of your old gutters.

Flat Roof Repairs Windsor

Flat-roof houses look fancy, but they cause a lot of headaches to the owners because they accumulate a lot of water in the middle. After downpours or melting snow, the water from flat roofs filtrates to the bottom layers and dampens the ceilings. Wet ceilings are hotbeds for germ and fungus spread, so you need to get rid of the water as soon as possible before it destroys your ceilings and home structure. The best way to do so is by hiring a professional roofing service from Windsor that can deal with all kinds of flat roof issues and help you save tons of cash.

Leadwork Repairs in Windsor

Leadwork connects the brickwork of your house with the roof. The materials used to do leadwork deteriorate with time and start causing cracks and leaks that seriously affect the upper rooms. A visible example of leadwork is the chimney connection to the roof.

Thanks to the weight of the brickwork of the chimney, it starts detaching from the roof, and when this happens, attics and rooms directly under the leadwork get a water filtration that can ruin the furniture, the floor, and the ceilings.

If your home has an issue of this type or you don’t know how to check if all parapets are still fixed to the walls, call a professional roofing service from Windsor and get over with your leaking nightmare once and for all.

Gutter Repairs in Windsor

If you’re one of those people who never think about the gutters, you better change your ways. Leaking gutters are not only dampening your outside walls but also letting water pass slide down them and penetrate the base of your house. Water under the house means weakening the foundations and impacting the structure of the walls. If you want to avoid this severe problem, ask for help from a Windsor roofing professional and solve the leaking gutter problem in no time.


All Windsor residents with gutter and roofing problems are welcome to call a professional and repair leaking gutters and leadwork before it’s too late.

Roofing Services Windsor, Berkshire


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