Solar Energy Panels

How do solar panels work?

Simply put, solar panels transform solar energy into usable electricity. Solar panels contain electrons that begin to move when they receive direct sunlight. Moving electrons create an electric current, something like a flow of electricity, which is then channelled and transformed into usable electricity.
The electricity then leaves the solar panel via wires, ready to power your appliances, lights or even your electric vehicle, or it can return to the grid and suppliers will pay for that energy.

Solar Energy is getting Better

As the price of energy has skyrocketed, generating solar power and using it yourself can provide significant savings. Under the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) scheme, launched in January 2020, British households are paid for the solar energy they “export”. This is electricity produced but not used, which is then reinjected into the national energy network. The previous feed-in tariff scheme (which closed to new applications in March 2019) was much more generous, in that you were paid for generating electricity, even if you used it yourself. However, if you have savings you can use to pay for the panels, it’s worth doing the math yourself, as the SEG scheme might work well for some (we’ve got a full breakdown of how much you’re likely to pay ‘save, and how much you’re likely to save. 


The biggest benefit comes from using what you produce: you can save up to £420 a year on your bills. First, you can take advantage of the electricity produced by your panels and thus reduce your bills. The savings depend on the size of the system, its power consumption, whether you are at home during the day to use the energy that ‘it produces and other factors. But according to estimates from the Energy Saving Trust, a typical house with a peaking system, 3.5 kilowatts. They could save between £160 and £420 a year on bills at prices current state of the art energy


Marley SolarTile roof tiles replace standard slates or tiles giving you not only the benefit of a weather-resistant roof but also an energy-generating solution. They improve design features, create elegant aesthetics and provide wind and fire energy performance. In addition, we offer an effective 25-year roof warranty and when used as an integral part of the Marley Roof system, a full 15-year warranty is added for extra peace of mind.

With Marley SolarTile®, an integrated solar roof system becomes essential for homeowners looking to reduce the operating costs of their home.
A single Marley SolarTile® provides energy resistance against wind and fire, but when combined with a complete Marley Roofing System, a safety roof that protects from the elements works to generate energy for the home.

Marley SolarTile® is designed to form an integral part of the roof structure.
Connected directly to the infill to replace the tile or panel section, it is also a perfect fit and provides an elegant and discreet ceiling finish. Plus, with no space behind the panels for the birds to nest, Marley SolarTile® remains a high-performance, low-cost solar solution.